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“Sardina” is the Sicilian family name of the restaurant’s chef and owner, Susan Sardina. Sicily is a beautiful island at the southernmost point of Italy and it has a distinctive Italian cuisine. Sicilian marinara sauce is sweeter than other regional Italian sauces, as the tomatoes grown in Sicily have some of the highest Brix content (sugar) in the world. This is the type of sauce the chef’s family made as she was growing up in the Chicago area. Sicilians love to create a combination of sweet and savory in their dishes—like putting raisins in the meatballs or extra basil in their Puttanesca. Sicilian dishes can be simple, but the more to allow their beloved ingredients—tomato, basil, olives, lemon and garlic—to shine.

Susan Sardina and Brett Whiting

Susan and Brett

Husband-and-wife team, Susan Sardina and Brett Whiting, moved from Chicago to Reno to realize their dream of opening their own restaurant. With a passion for food, Susan Sardina quickly proved her love of cooking could please any palette. She does all of the cooking, develops each recipe and creates tantalizing specials every week out of the freshest ingredients available. Brett Whiting had lived in Reno previously and suggested to Susan they make Reno their home. Having an extensive background in the restaurant industry, you’ll find Brett busy in the front of the restaurant. Working to please the customers and give the best service, Brett’s strives to ensure you have a wonderful dining experience.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! To make sure your tastebuds are completely satisfied, Susan creates every dessert herself. Sardina’s dessert menu includes her famous Tiramisu, but with specials like almond cheesecake, lemon cake and triple chocolate cake you just might find a new love. Sardina’s Italian Bistro is committed to using Nevada owned businesses to supply the products we serve our guests. Please ask the staff if you are interested in a list of our local suppliers. Thank you for dining with us. It is our pleasure to cook for you!

Susan Sardina

Supporting Local Businesses

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As a small local restaurant it is important for Sardina’s Italian Bistro to support local businesses such as Nevada farmers and suppliers whenever we can.  We are proud to use their products to create our menus and winelists.  Thank you to our suppliers who help us make our customers happy!


Sterling Farms, Reno                                                Spanish Springs Farm, Sparks
From the Earth Farm, Washoe Valley               Great Basin Food Co-op, Reno
Avanzino Farms, Reno                                             Lattin Farms, Fallon
Reno Egg                                                                         Encore Beverage
Sierra Meats & Seafood, Reno                                Barone Wine Importers

Bistro News

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Community Food: Eating Local by Jennifer Rogers

Sardina’s was featured in the Reno Gazette Journal. A big thank you to Laura Longero!