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Published by: Susan Sardina

  • May
  • 18

All plates come with your choice of pasta, vegetable or mashed potato

Parmesan, with marinara and mozzarella cheese
Chicken, $17.00—Eggplant, $17.00—Veal, $26.00

Marsala, a pan saute of button mushrooms, garlic and Marsala wine
Chicken, $17.50—Eggplant, $17.50—Veal, $26.50

Piccatta, ours is lightly tossed in breadcrumbs and sautéed with capers, white
wine and fresh lemon juice
Chicken, $17.50—Veal, $26.5

Saltimbocca, with sage, prosciutto and fontina cheese, and marsala wine
pan sauce
Chicken, $19.00—Veal, $28.00

Polenta Toscana, sausage, chicken, garlic cloves and pinenuts over our special recipe polenta, $19.00

Combination Plate, spaghetti marinara & meatball, fettuccini alfredo &
traditional lasagna (no sides with Combo Plate), $21.00

Penne with Chicken

Penne with Chicken


Split/Share Plate Charge $4.00